Easy Up-Do

Texture Spray 250ML

Use fewer hairpins and get ‘grip’ that won’t slip for a secure hold on chignons, ponytails, braids, topknots and any other up-do.

Shake well before use. Spray through dry hair to add texture and volume before styling

Dimethyl Ether, Alcohol Denat, Polyvinylcaprolactam, Talcum, Parfum (Fragrance), PEG-12 Dimethicone

The fragrance is all about a wet and green garden with green leaf, herbs, watery flowers, clean pepper with a backdrop of frankincense, cedar and juniper wood.

Angelica, Galbanum, Green stem, Water lily, Pepper, Frankincense, Juniper wood, Cedar wood.

Forget hairpins and get yourself grip that doesn’t slip with Hair by Sam McKnight’s Easy-Up Do Texture Spray, a fine but powerful mist. Whatever style you’re aiming for – be it braid, topknot, ponytail or chignon – this provides the body and strong hold you need to achieve it and rest assured that it will stay in place. Sam McKnight himself calls this ‘hair grips in a can’, effortlessly styling to create enviably nonchalant yet glamorous looks, without over-burdening hair or creating any crispiness.

Miraculously, it disappears at the stroke of a brush, a quality that was essential to the brand's founder, who frequently creates multiple looks on the same hair backstage at fashion shows and shoots. The culmination of his iconic expertise and experience in the industry, Sam McKnight's irresistible hair care collection offers the products you need to achieve professional standards of styling at home in mere minutes.

This texturising hairspray also smells incredible with a fresh, botanical scent (green leaf, herbs, watery flowers and pepper, against a backdrop of frankincense, cedar and juniper wood crafted by perfumer Lyn Harris).

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  • Easy Up-Do Braids
  • Easy Up-Do Ling
  • Easy Up-Do Top Knot