Modern Hairspray Big-Up-Do

Set the hair using medium curling irons and hold the curl in place until cool this will lock in the curl. Alternatively use heated rollers.

Once the hair is set remove all the clips/rollers, spray Easy Up-Do onto each section and back comb. Make sure you backcomb the hair into the root to give as much volume and height as possible, then lock in the volume with a light spray of Modern Hairspray.

Use a flat bristle brush to smooth over the top of the hair. This type of brush will not brush out your backcombing and will gently smooth the front layer of hair.

Then hair is parted low and to the side of the head. The hair on top of the head is brush down over the forehead and back over the ear. Gather all the hair back and twist into the nape of the neck.

Fold the ends of the hair up and into the folded hair to form a soft French pleat.

Finish with a final misting of Modern Hairspray.

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