Cool Girl Hanna

Start with freshly washed and conditioned Hair.

Blow-dry smooth with a pure bristle brush.

Cool Girl Hanna

Use a hairdryer to smooth out any strong curls, this look is about soft naturel waves and not curls.

Make a side parting by brushing the hair back and letting it fall naturally to one side, this will give your parting a soft natural look.

Blow-dry the front of the parting forward and down.

Spray Cool Girl through the layers of hair to add texture.

Lift the hair at the crown and spray Cool Girl into the roots to add volume and texture. Spray through the mid lengths and ends for more volume and texture.

Cool Girl Hanna

Use a medium sized curling iron to create soft light waves through the hair.

Cool Girl Hanna

Once the hair is tonged, allow to cool then brush out.

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